Riverside Water Works

This 1983 watercolor painting is the result of an art class field trip with Professor McClannahan (Baylor University Art) to the Riverside Water Works of Waco, which was built in 1910. We took a tour of the historical water works site, and at this time, it was still functioning at some level for water treatment. We were given the tour, and then looked around for inspiration. I was fascinated by the machinery inside of the large building. I wandered around a bit, and then settled upon this view. I remember sitting on the floor with my watercolors and drawing and painting this on site. This was before the day of cell phones or instant picture references, and the art work was completed

on site.

I sold this painting a few years ago to raise money for the Heart of Texas Autism Network, and it won a first place ribbon at that Mardis Gras Art Competition. I wasn't given the name of the buyer, so I can't give credit to the collector. It is a favorite memory of my Baylor days, and in fact all of our watercolor field trips were very inspiring.

#BaylorUniversity #watercolor #WacoWaterWorks #RiversideWaterTreatmentPlant #Wacohistory #fieldtrip

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