Journey into Watercolor

My first blog - my daughter Jennifer has inspired me to try this form of expression and communication. My purpose of this blog is to share my artistic journey, my personal story, and hopefully inspire some like minded artists.

This is one of my personal favorite pieces - I just like the way it turned out, and there was really no planning involved. My watercolor professor was Dr. McLanahan at Baylor University, and this was my first watercolor class.

I was so excited as I went to Daniel Blueprint in Waco, Texas with my supply list in hand. At this time (1982) it was the only place in Waco that had the right artist brushes and paints. I also remember buying my first large drafting table at this shop - exciting times. And, it was my first class in the brand new Hooper Shaefer Fine Arts Building at Baylor. My previous art classes at the University had been housed in the old Carrol Library on campus. I later sat in an English class in the renovated building.

Back to watercolor - this was my first assignent in this watercolor course - a course that would truly inspire me and cause me to really enjoy this medium. Our professor just wanted us to "try out" all of our new brushes - break them in so to speak. And play with layering and color. I had a lot of fun creating this, and I hope that you enjoy the story behind it. Private Collection of Mark S. Osmar

Brush Strokes, watercolor, 22"x26", collection of Mark S Omar

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