About Diana Atwood McCutcheon

I am a mixed media artist interested in genetic memory, history and genealogy.  I have been a maker all of my life and I am also a teaching artist.  I have taught all ages both in private studios and public school settings.  I have a passionate love for Scotland and feel very connected and at home there.  I love to travel domestically and internationally and I adore art history and art museums.  I have a B.S. in Education/ Art from Baylor University and also a B.S. in Design Communication from Texas A&M - Commerce.  I am currently working towards a Master's in Art Education (MAAE) at Texas Tech University.


Doing art is like breathing to me:  Necessary to life and is so therapeutic and healing.  I hope to continue to create art for the rest of my life, and my hope is to someday live and work in Scotland.